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Who We Are

AVEM Healthcare is a privately held company that is creating a fully-integrated, leading-edge network that provides a more holistic approach to healthcare.  AVEM is committed to developing, acquiring or partnering with companies that deliver innovative, safe and effective healthcare technology.

We recruit and retain disrupters, thought-leaders, people that want to advance healthcare and research and validate that there are non-toxic solutions to problems that plague people’s everyday quality of life.

Forging a new path in healthcare is not easy.  At AVEM, we believe the time is now.  The time to create new options for longstanding medical ailments. It is time to educate healthcare providers and patients about AVEM’s healthcare solutions:

Natural, non-invasive therapies
Diagnostic capabilities that provide rapid, precise results
Surgical implants and tools that can be customized


AVEM Biopharmaceuticals is a research company focusing on precision healthcare. Our research is dedicated to harnessing the power within the human body to change the way we heal.  Our team of scientists, doctors and researchers believe that there is a natural remedy for chronic pain and many debilitating diseases.  That is why AVEM Biopharmaceuticals is pursuing a pipeline of biologic-based Investigational New Drugs.


AVEM Advanced Therapeutics focuses on cellular therapy using minimally manipulated recovery of human cells, tissues, and cellular tissue-based products. AVEM offers both autologous and allogenic therapeutic treatments


The AVEM Diagnostics Advantage: Complete, Accurate, Rapid, Reliable

Sequence-based solutions: AVEM’s Nanopore Technology identifies the most common pathogenic microbes, limiting the confusion of competitive NGS technology that does not separate non-harmful microbiome flora. More than 290 fungi, bacteria and eukaryotic organisms, representing 98% of known pathogens, are identified and reported to the provider. Closely related organisms and gene resistant cassettes found in sample pathogens are uniquely identified. The AVEM DX report is delivered to the provider in approximately 72 hours, complete with appropriate pharmacologic treatment recommendations, based on tissue type and resistance gene identified.


AVEM Medical is developing a variety of specialty orthopedic surgery implants and tools.  The company is submitting several products for FDA approval and is excited to launch innovative solutions that address market needs.


We at AVEM specializes in cutting edge technology, with a staff that has over 40 years of experience in the medical and manufacturing industry to ensure optimizing the safety of the products that we are continuously developing.  Our products are processed and tested in accordance with FDA requirements, cGMP, cGTP and cGLP. We have a full panel of pre-and-post serology testing to ensure the safety and efficacy of our products.  

We use an innovative platform technology to address clinical needs in the regenerative market. We work with leaders at nationally recognized healthcare centers using Mesenchymal Stem Cells derived therapies which are pure and naturally derived. We do not use any animal derived products, such as bovine or porcine components. We do density testing for biochemical parameters which differentiates our products by a factor of 2 to 3x more potent than our competitors.